Winter Home Décor

Winter is a time where most people like to stay at home patiently waiting for days to pass until it is time for more sun and warmer weather again. There is no better time to give your home an ultimate décor makeover than in winter especially for those who decide to hibernate at home. For those who want to transform their home into a comfortable place to hideaway from the cold weather, you do not have to invest a ton of money into a major renovation. Here are some winter home décor tips to transform your place into a cozy space.
Shag Accents
Shag carpets have definitely gone out of style with the 1970s but modern looking shaggy accent pieces can transform your home into a more cozy feel. People love the feel of shaggy carpets so it really ties a home together with warmth. Using shag accents can make a big difference for a home and is best incorporated as a throw blanket, accent pillow, throw rug, and an ottoman or coverlet.
Seasonal Scents
To make your home feel cozy, adding to the visual landscape is not the only thing you can do. A diffuser is a great piece to add to your home and offers natural aromatherapy. It also helps humidify your space. To make your home feel extra cozy and warm use some seasonal scents including spicy cinnamon, lavender, or vanilla.
Portable Fireplace
The coziness factor of your home can be greatly increased by adding a portable fireplace to any room. Even if you have a built-in fireplace already, the addition of one in another room is that much better. Nothing is more inviting and cozy during winter than a fireplace filled with ambiance and bringing warmth to a room.
Tabletop Centerpieces
Winter definitely is not the best time for gardening but bringing in some cold-friendly plants to your home can surely cozy up your space instantly. Some cold-friendly plants include blue spruce, holly, and pansies. When paired with a candle, these plants can make a great addition to your tabletop as a decorative centerpiece.
Table Textiles
To make a cozy table set that is also inviting, add some quilted runners. This will increase the overall aesthetic appeal of your room and keep your tables safe from spills and marks from moisture. Consider adding some quilted runners to your bookcase if you have one as well.
Soft Lighting
Winter is the best time to upgrade your lighting to make your home feel cozy during the long winter days. A warmer environment to relax in can be achieved by using softer lighting. Add warm light LED bulbs to your lamps in various spaces of your home. You can also add dimmer switches to your existing outlets to achieve similar results.
Winter can be a frustrating time of year for a lot of people. Between the cold and longer dark hours, winter is not all that appealing. People anxiously wait for warmer, longer days to return but winter is still a great opportunity to enjoy at least some of it. Since people stay home the most during winter, sprucing up your home with some new winter décor can bring more joy and comfort to your life.

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