What Are Decorative Accents and How to Add Them to Your Home

The beauty of home décor is that it can very versatile, creative, and original. While many of us seek inspiration from design magazines and Pinterest, the end result is usually much more personal and unique. With an idea of what you want and how to achieve it, you can do a lot with interior décor.  One simple aspect of personalizing your home décor is the introduction of decorative accents.

What are decorative accents?

Decorative accents are items that help you to bring out your signature style in your home décor. For instance, think of the way a Gucci belt might bring an outfit together. Decorative accents are much like accessories which make your décor pop.  They add a touch of personal flair and style to your surroundings. Decorative accents can be anything you want. From throw pillows to linens, quirky wall art and eclectic figurines. There are many items that you can utilize to add your special touch to bring a room together.

How to Add Decorative Accents to a Room

There are many ways to add decorative accents to a room according to what the room is used for. If you find your walls look a bit bare, you can place wall art pieces, mirrors or picture frames on them. Wall art is versatile enough be used in various parts of your home. These can include hallways, bathrooms and dining areas for example.  In your bedroom, you may add pops of color with pillows, blankets and curtains.

Decorative accents can also come in the form of vases, ceramic dishes or items that you can easily place on a bookshelf or side table. Large vases or decorative urns do well in corners or hallways if you want to fill up an awkward space.

You can choose to add soft accents like delicate ceramics or go bold with large, colorful art pieces. The key to choosing decorative accents is that they should add some of ‘you’, to your home. They should also blend well with the overall room décor whilst making a statement!


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