Tips for Prepping your Home for the Market

Mortgage rates have recently dropped and you might be in the right position to buy the home of your dreams. Selling your house can be a HUGE task unless you take steps early on to get the most out of your investment.
Check these tips to help ease painlessly prepare your home for appraisals and potential buyers!
Declutter. Put away or throw out anything that doesn't serve a purpose or have sentimental value. Especially papers! This will make it easier to pack and organize your things when moving! Tuck away small appliances to make your counter space seem bigger. Pretend that you are the buyer and pick out everything that is out of place.
Deep Clean. You don't want their first impression to the monster cobwebs and dust bunnies you've collecting. Start from top and work your way down when cleaning to ensure you reach every inch of your house. Do all of the daunting tasks that you hate doing or hire a professional to take care of them for you.
Refresh. DIY minor cracks and eyesores. To top it off, give your home a face lift with a fresh coat of paint! Warm greys and neutrals are a great way to make any potential buyers feel welcome. If your house is in need of major repairs, make sure to get someone you trust to do the job right or you will end up paying more in the long run.
Landscaping. Clean up your flower beds and add some fresh mulch. Trim up any trees and bushes to enhance the natural aesthetics. New buyers want to know that the home they are interested in has been well maintained!
Personal/Seasonal Items. It's a good idea to store away some of the photos falling off your fridge and decorations from 2 holidays ago. This will ensure that the buyer can visualize how they can personalize the home to their own liking. Don't forget the front door! It sets up the feeling for the entire experience they are about to have.
Stage. Not every room will be a deal breaker so focus on the rooms that really matter; the kitchen, living room and master bedroom. A fresh bouquet of flowers in a dainty vase can be the cherry on top of all your hard work.

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