Our 9 Favourite Home Decor Trends Right Now | November 2018

There are so many home decor trends that we are loving right now, it's hard to narrow it down. But we love a good research sesh', especially when it relates to home decor. So, after much research and discussion, the Hop Decor team has chosen the 9 we love the most right now. Let us know what you think! Which are your favourites?


Cacti Everything

Ok, maybe part of our love for cactus themed everything is because our cacti plants are so reliable and never die despite some of our somewhat neglectful plant caring skills (oops). They just never let us down and we wanted to pay tribute to their loyal and forgiving nature. Also they are just so pretty! Check out all the cactus themed items we have in our shop. 


Tropical & Leafy Vibes

This one is a somewhat broad category, but definitely one of our absolute favourites. It includes green leafy prints & colourful tropical florals (and also pineapple themed items because we still can't get enough of those).  



Soft & luxurious, we are so happy this velvet trend is sticking around. Honestly adding a few velvet elements to your decor adds luxe feels to any room - try it!


Jewel Tones

This one pairs so well with the above mentioned velvet trend. We cannot resist velvet + jewel-toned anything. This trend works well for small items or large ones! Add some deep, rich emerald pillows to your couch, or go all out and get a sapphire coloured couch! Jewel tones look amazing with gold accents too... which brings us to our next favourite. 



We are actually obsessed with gold everything and we're so happy about this trend. Honestly, a few of Hop's team members have been on team-gold since they can remember, and have never really gravitated towards silver anything. (No offence to silver lovers... if it tickles your fancy, that's great.) But now that everyone else is loving gold everything, it's easier to find more and more gold decor items every day, and we are in heaven. 



Marble never really goes out of style but we are especially loving it right now. Like the trends above, this one also matches perfectly with so many others on this list. Especially gold. Is there anything more luxurious and beautiful than the look of marble and gold together? Probably not. 


Geometric Shapes & Prints

Geometric shapes and prints bring a modern feel to a room, and are great to mix into you decor to freshen it up. We love the look of mixing and matching modern geometric items with more classic/antique items to keep it surprising!


Natural Textures

The wabi-sabi trend is still going strong. It's all about embracing imperfections and natural textures. The simplicity is refreshing and relaxing, and we think it's worth having a room you spend a lot of time in (think bedroom or living room) follow this design concept to create a feeling of zen and eliminate stress.   


Floral Patterns

Floral patterns (especially oversized ones!) are officially not just for your grandma anymore! We are seeing them everywhere and it's making us so happy. Think big floral wall art like this one, floral wallpaper, and floral bedding. 


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