Make Your Home Summer Ready

Summer is on the way, making way for hot days and cold iced teas. If you love to decorate your home to suit the season, then you’ll want to get started on your summer décor. Summer pieces are bright, breezy and colorful to match the season.

Keep Your Colors Light

White or very pale and light shades of color are ideal for summer. “Lightening” up means that you can let more natural light in. You get some of the best lighting during the summer months. White, sheer curtains will brighten up any room and keep it cool.  If you don’t want a completely stark white look add pops of color using items such as:

  • Themed pillow cases – Tropical or fruity prints will add some color and summery vibes
  • Wall Art – Install colorful paintings, posters or frames
  • Summer Accents – Clocks, bed linens, decorative pieces and even your bath mats can be accent pieces that depict a summer theme.


Bring some of the Outdoors In

Summer time is also a great opportunity to bring some of the outdoors in with flowers, vases, houseplants and their accessories  to name a few. These are wonderful and timeless elements to decorate your house for any season and summer is no exception.

Green, leafy plants and bright flowers not only brighten up your décor but they help you to keep your air clean! If you aren’t good with plants but still want to achieve a summer look in your home, artificial options are available for décor purposes. Other plant and floral accents from spring can also transition well into summer.

Stay Cool

Summer really brings the heat. You can combat the heat by using cotton bed linens to keep yourself cool and comfy on hot summer nights. You’ll sleep much better and reduce the need to keep your air conditioner running all day and night. It’s also essential to remember to stay sufficiently hydrated, use sunscreen and avoid excess sun exposure to keep yourself safe from harmful UV rays. Summer salads, iced drinks and light meals will also help you to stay cool and healthy as you enjoy the sights, sun and fun of summer activities!


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