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One of the biggest trends in home decor this year is farmhouse-style. Farmhouse-style is a mixture of wood and steel pieces featuring both neutral pearly tones and bold vivid tints. Moreover, transforming your home to a farmhouse-style decor is not something that need be done overnight. It can be done easily, piece by piece, without infringing on or clashing with your current decor.

Interior design fans are naturally attracted to the farmhouse-style decor for a variety of reasons, including the rustic look evokes warm and cozy feelings of "the days of old" and the familiarity provides one a sense of nostalgia that warms the heart akin to a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup lunch on a rainy day.

The rustic beauty that farmhouse-style decor introduces in one's home cannot be overstated. The ease of which farmhouse decor can be combined with modern styles is seamless.

Other traits of farmhouse-style decor are simplicity and functionality.

The simplicity of farmhouse-style decor are clearly seen from the basic colors and material of the furniture. Farmhouse-style decor pieces often use neutral colors that help create a statement of the particular room it adorns. Bright colors are often used, as well, to help emphasize rusticness.

Functionality is self-explanatory. Early Americans just wanted something that looked presentable and got the job done. A desk is a desk, a mirror is a mirror, but they looked good doing it, too. Yet, functionality also has to do with how you arrange the furniture. The rule of thumb here is practicality first, decorative or cosmetic matters second.

It's important when introducing farmhouse-style decor to your home to take your time. Charm, coziness, character, and uniqueness don't happen overnight. Take your time in choosing those items that are going to make your house a home. Adorn your house with those items that have meaning to you, whether it's a dresser that reminds you of your grandma, or a ornament mirror that you just like.

Hopefully, this article inspires you to consider the attractiveness of including farmhouse-style decor into your home. The nice thing about peppering your home with the rustic quaintness of farmhouse-style pieces is that it can be done easily over time. You can start with just a few distressed picture frames adorning your fireplace. Or maybe a wrought iron basket will help set off your kitchen. Perhaps a rustic industrial coffee table is just the thing for your living room.

Whatever your choices are in making your home more "homey," you need look no further than Hop Decor. We encourage you to persue our wares to find that special item or three that's sure to make your home a more rustic and cozy place for you, your family, and your guests.

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