Killer Home Decor Trends that are Rocking in 2020

Home décor does not only improve your living spaces aesthetic but also increases your home's value? But, can you actually tell the difference between contemporary from modern, or urban from industrial designs?

Interior designs come in a wide array of formulas and formats. Yet, each trend carries its appeal, finish, flavor, and experience.

In this regard, let's explore some of the home decor trends that have rocked in 2020.

1. Use of Decorative Mirrors

Did you know you can use decorative mirrors to make a small space feel larger? One of the best methods to achieve the aforementioned goal is by the use of a round rattan mirror together with the classic design in the bathroom.

The design creates beautiful backsplashes that reflect light. This process does not only make your bathroom look appealing but also feel bigger.

2. Millennial Pink

This is a 2020 home décor trend that's not going away any time soon. It involves the use of bright color hues across almost all elements of the home décor. The technique comes in handy in customizing different and retro at the same time.

Besides crown blue, millennial pink has been crowned the color of 2020. It makes the space feel different and cozy improving the comfort of our living spaces. Check out our darling pink unicorn canvas art.

3. Back to Our Roots

With the environmental- conscious debates all over the TV, more interior designers are leaning towards the natural approach in home decors. People are reusing and recycling some of the traditional materials to give their interior spaces the aesthetic appearance they have always wanted.

The use of neutral colors and earth tones are taking the center stages in furniture and flooring décor. More importantly, the integration of sustainable materials such as bamboo, acacia, handmade goods, rattan, and natural fiber is a great plus.

4. Minimalist Design

The 1960s and 70s minimalist design trend, inspired by the traditional Japanese designs is finding its way into our homes in 2020. The new trend of minimalist design is based on the concept of integrating modernism to bring out a puritanical palette in our homes.

The process involves stripping things down and reducing them to their bare basics. Minimalist interiors maximize on bold visual by decluttering spaces.

5. A New Take on Color

Integrating lovely shades of warm caramel, butter yellow, and soft peach in our interior spaces is a perfect way to replace millennial pink in 2020. These patterns are sprouting almost everywhere in modern homes.

The home décor design involves combining patterned floor themes with geometric patterns mixed with paisley on the walls. In 2020, patterned ceilings designs are taking the center stage in home décor trends.

More importantly, the application of gloss paints to bring the living rooms to live and use of stark kitchens are common trends in 2020.

Before you Leave

Our homes are our last resort where we relax and rejuvenate after a hectic day. That's why we should keep them as comfortable and as lively as possible.

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