How to Age Up Your Space with Decor

We all grow out of the things we once loved. Our preferences change with time and get mature. You may love some colors in the past, but now you may prefer neutral tones. It’s all about our environment and the things around us. Just like that, the house you live in is a reflection of your personality and experiences over time. We are deeply affected by them.
So, when to age up your space? You just know when to let go. It is not necessary to replace each and everything, but changing various spaces in your home can make a big difference. Here are some great interior design and décor ideas to age up your home.
Change the Theme
You can give your home a more adult feel by coming up with a new theme. All you have to do is choose a style and color. Your space has to look cohesive, so don’t go for a lot of colors. It can be distracting. Go for a more focused look.
If you are going for a modern farmhouse vibe, then stick to whites and browns with wooden texture. Adding small décor items can revamp the space completely. Add a statement piece such as a mirror to make aging up more obvious.  Create more depth by adding textural items such as throw pillows, candle holders, and corbels.
Here is an example of upgrading your space to a modern farm house.
Pop of Green
Plants can change your home décor game really well. You can never get tired of having a bunch of players around you. They are beneficial even beyond the aesthetic value. They are comforting and pleasing to the eye as well.
Look for spaces and opportunities to add plants with the décor pieces. Chic succulents can spruce up a boring work desk. A macramé plant holder adds more depth to aged spaces around the house. If that’s not your thing, then you should go for hand-woven wicker storage baskets. They are not only functional to hold pots but also make a stylish addition to your home.
Decorative Accents
Age-up your decor with home accents to accentuate your style. These are the final touches to give your house a complete look. Don’t just add things up to fill up empty spaces. Think about creating balance and harmony in the design. The small pieces should make the place come alive.
Deck your home with decorative ceramic dishes, wall hangings, wall art, and florals as some timeless additions. You can even add books around the shelf or coffee table to make the house feel fresh and laid back.
Textural Layers
Layer your sofas, chairs, and pillows with textures. They may vary from season to season or on your personal style. Just a simple throw blanket that coordinates with your interior can go a long way. Here you can play with colors to make your home feel cozier.

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