Five Ways to Hygge your Home

A new style of home décor has become popular in recent years, taking the world by storm and making homes cozier. Hygge (pronounced hyoo-guh) is both a style of design and a feeling – it’s a quality of coziness and comfortability that evokes feelings of contentment and well-being in those who incorporate it into their homes and their lives.
While it may seem difficult to introduce more hygge into your life, it can be rather simple. Here are five ways to hygge your home.
Incorporate Textile Art
 Handmade Macrame Wall Hanging - Hop Decor
An easy way to make any space in your home more hygge is to bring natural fibers and textiles into your décor. This can be quickly accomplished by hanging art made with cotton fiber or hemp, such as macrame. Adding a handmade macrame wall hanging to your room adds a multi-dimensional aspect to your walls and the soft beige tones work to soothe and ground you.
Let in More Natural Light
 White Heather Curtains
It’s been proven that people are calmer and happier throughout their day when introduced to lots of natural light – it promotes a healthy circadian rhythm, helps fight seasonal depression, reduces anxiety and can make life more enjoyable. One way to make sure that your home has plenty of natural light is to use sheer curtains, allowing sunlight to come into your space while letting you maintain your privacy.
Add an Accent Rug
 Moroccan Round Rug
Apart from aiding in tying a room together, an accent rug can help make a space more hygge in a number of ways. A thick, textured rug absorbs sounds from below and around, adding an element of noise reduction that is much needed in most homes, especially apartments. The texture of a woven rug also works to ground you, making meditation or even simply relaxing much easier than on a bare floor.
Throw in a Neutral Blanket
 Tassel Sofa Blanket
Nothing beats coming home after a long, hard day quite like curling up in a cozy spot in your house with a drink and a your favorite blanket. Having soft blankets within reach automatically increases the hygge levels in your home, but it’s easy to elevate it by having those blankets be in luscious, neutral fabrics.
Surround Yourself with Plants
 ITSASO Natural Woven Seagrass Storage Basket
Studies show that having indoor plants can boost your mood, reduce stress, and clean the air inside your home by filtering out toxins and humidity. Whether you have a green thumb or not, keeping plants in your home is a great way to introduce hygge into your space. Instead of having the plastic pots on display, opt to place them inside of woven baskets for a more cohesive hygge décor style.
The Nordic idea of hygge is to create a cozy, relaxing space that allows you to unwind from the stresses of everyday life, through finding pleasure in the little things, whether that’s reducing screen time or by using soft textures and natural fibers in your home. Hygge is an easily accessible design style, no matter your space or budget – just add touches that bring you happiness and make your home feel cozy.
For more home décor tips and items to bring more hygge to your home, read the Hop Décor blog today!

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