An Eco-Friendly Kitchen

The population on Earth is about 7.5 billion (BILLION!) Can you imagine if everyone did just 1 small adjustment to cut down on the carbon footprint? Hop Decor is here to help you make those simple changes while adding style to your home!
In honor of Earth Day (April 22nd), here are a few of our favorite kitchen items - Hopefully they will be yours too...
Non-stick-baking-mat: Always have this handy sheet ready when baking and cooking. The nonstick liner makes various foods slide off easily and pans stay clean. Eco-friendly, eliminate wasting parchment paper and reuse these time and time again!  
Heat Resistant Pan Mat
Heat-resistant-pan-matThis is an essential to your kitchen! This eco-friendly tool can be used during cooking to steam food or after to serve you dishes at the table. Interlocking bamboo makes for easy install.
Natural Wood Utensils - Hop Decor
Natural-wood-utensilsEco-friendly woods utensils bring the outdoors in. They have a sense of charm that you can't deny! Different display options are available to meet any style you'd like to achieve.
Silicone Stretch Lids - Hop Decor
Silicone-stretch-lidsSave money and our earth by avoiding food spoiling in your fridge too fast, and eliminating the use of plastic wrap.
Reusable-mesh-bagThis durable, produce shopping bag helps you cut down on the carbon footprint while being stylish! Offered in a variety of colors, you can organize your life. 100% new and high quality. 

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