8 Must-Have Accessories for Your Kitchen Shelves

Kitchen décor enthusiasts are so in love with the open shelving design. Well, who wouldn’t? Open shelving looks chic and very stylish compared to traditional kitchen cabinets. They make your kitchen look sleek and more spacious. Open shelving also allows ease of use where you can quickly reach out for utensils that you need without having to open cabinet doors. And most importantly, open shelving allows you to showcase your beautiful collection of kitchen utensils and accessories.

Here we gathered few kitchen accessories that will look perfect for your open shelves.


  1. Japanese Traditional style Ceramic Plates

For kitchens with a Japandi (Japanese + Scandinavian) themed designed, this collection of ceramic plates is perfect. To complement the color tone of these plates, opt for a neutral or clean white kitchen backdrop.


  1. Marble and gold ceramic dishes

Get the cooking tv show kitchen-look by adding these elegant marble and gold ceramic dishes to your shelves. It has a classy and sophisticated design that will surely wow your guests and make them ask “Hey, where did you get that?”


  1. Glass Ball Spice Jar

This spice jar will look perfect whether you put it on the kitchen counter or the shelves. It comes in different sizes. Its minimalist design makes it a great accessory to accentuate the items on your shelves. You can hierarchically place them to create visual balance and harmony. This will make your shelves look a lot more interesting.


  1. Cork Top storage jar

This storage jar comes in different sizes as well. What makes these storage jars a must-have on your shelves is that these are functional kitchen décor that does serve a purpose. You can place whatever items you want like herbs, spices, nuts, pasta, or coffee. Functional, plus decorative. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

  1. Dipped in gold drink set

Take your kitchen décor to a whole new level with this highly elegant-looking drink set. Its color and design will add a pop of color to your open shelves. Perfect for a contemporary kitchen with a little touch of classic.

  1. European Breakfast cup

Of course, your shelf is not complete without cups. These cups are made of ceramic and their design go well with the modern rustic farmhouse look. If you have wooden open shelves, you can place them in an array or staggered manner. Either way, these cups will definitely complete your kitchen farmhouse vibe.

  1. Black Walnut Cutting Board

These cutting boards have a very organic look that fits with any kitchen design theme you wish to embark on. It is made of high-quality wood material and you can easily pair it with kitchen accessories of any color. Wood texture, after all, is a versatile décor and you can never go wrong with decorating your shelves with a kitchen item made of wood.

  1. Nordic Stoneware coffee cup

Organic items really have the magic of making your interior space feel cozier and more homely. Having these Nordic stoneware coffee cup on your shelf will bring the essence of a Scandinavian style kitchen into your home.


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