7 Simple Ways to Decorate Your Wall

Nobody wants a blank wall. Even people who are into sleek, contemporary, minimalist interiors do decorate their walls with at least one or two large décor pieces to achieve that visual aesthetic statement. While blank walls can be a little intimidating to decorate, it’s yours for the making. Take it as a canvas to express yourself and don’t be afraid to decorate it with the things you love. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on expensive paintings and extravagant looking décor to create a statement wall. Here we have listed a few simple decorating ideas you can follow that will surely transform your empty wall into your very own masterpiece.


  1. Decorate with tapestry

Wall tapestry is undeniably becoming a new trend, somehow replacing the usual large framed paintings. There are a variety of wall tapestry designs to choose from, ranging from minimalist prints, bohemian style, to mandala patterns. Hanging them on your bedroom wall just above your headboard will make your room feel cozy and comfortable. Wall tapestry has a unique way of bringing your interiors come to life. Its chic and artistic style is a wall statement-maker.


Check these items out to get the look!

Cactus wall tapestry

Moon Phase Tapestry

Cactus wall hanging


  1. Mirror, Mirror, on the wall

Another way to creatively decorate your wall is by hanging mirrors. Mirrors create an illusion of depth that will make your interior look brighter and more spacious. You can opt for large scale mirrors and simply lean them on the wall and accentuate it with other décor items. Hanging mirrors would look perfect when placed above console tables near the entryway and living room.


Take a look at these wall mirrors with organic and artistic designs.

Rattan Loop Mirror

Riki Black Bamboo Mirror

Antique-Look Fleur De Lis wall mirror


  1. Go Abstract

Go for abstract paintings if you want a more modern and contemporary looking interior design style. Abstract paintings make a great focal point especially when placed in major living areas like the living and dining room. They can also be placed in transition spaces such as hallways, and staircase walls.


Recommended abstract paintings that you will surely love.

Abstract wall art

Geo Abstract Canvas Poster

Blue Modern Abstract Geometric Prints Poster


  1. Create a Gallery

Grouped artworks look great on walls. You can either layout your gallery of art prints in a symmetrical or asymmetrical pattern. Choose a group of artworks with a single theme or color tone and layout them over a neutral painted backdrop. This will add a ton of personality and interest to your walls like this beautiful collection of canvas prints.


Whimsical Rabbit Canvas Posters

Winter Lodge Scene Canvas Print

Country Canvas Collage



  1. Style with Clocks

Wall clocks make an impressive wall décor design. Because there are a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles of clocks that you can choose from, you are free to decide whatever style you wish to decorate on your wall. Vintage farmhouse clocks are a trend for the modern rustic look while metal clocks evoke a more vintage classic vibe.


Here are unique wall clock designs you shouldn’t miss!

Color Block Wall Clock

Natural Nordic Clocks

Roman Metal Wall Clock



For more wall décor ideas, check out our wall art collection here!


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