10 Awesome Tropical Decor Ideas for Wanderers

Still dreaming of sunsets in Bali? Just because you've settled down doesn't mean you have to leave adventure behind. We've come up with a few ways to show off your wandering spirit and keep you sane while you're planning your next big trip.

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Get as many Tropical Cushions as You Can

Plants are expensive and you need to water them. You know what aren't pricey and needy? Thousands of tropical print cushions. Add a bunch of leafy pillows to your sofa or bedroom and you're halfway to your rainforest paradise.

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Throw down an Aztec Rug

From deep in the heart of Aztlán to the comfort of your apartment, Aztec themed rugs give your apartment a specific feel beyond "just another rainforest". Our CHALI area rug is a great possibility if you want to fill some floor space.

Sleep Tight with a Feather Dreamcatcher

Give your rainforest a touch of character with an indigenous-inspired feather dreamcatcher.

Feel Outdoorsy with the Moon Lamp

Cast your mind back to late nights on Hawaiian beaches. Remember how big the moon looked without light pollution? Now you can have it in your own apartment with a LUA Moon Lamp.

Show Off Your Travel Pics with LED Light Garlands

Okay, this might sound crazy, but maybe your awesome pictures of Asia don't have to just stay on Instagram. Give your travel memories a physical presence in your home with this garland that looks like it's straight out of a Bangkok market.

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Use Wooden Utensils for a Natural Feel

Get the harsh metallic colors out of your kitchen and use wooden ones. The earthy tones compliment the lush greens of tropical decor.

Everyone Loves Animal Art!

While you probably shouldn't keep endangered animals in your apartment, baby tigers are still cute. Animal pictures are a great way to add a bit of personality to your home even when your lease is no-pets.

We have plenty of animal art and accessories waiting for a home, but our favorite are these baby animal prints.

Add Some Tropical Bathroom Prints

Make showers feel like you're caught in another moonsoon! Getting a tropical pattern on your shower curtain will help you forget that you're 5 minutes late for work instead of hiking through the Amazon. Here's one we loved.

Get Authentic with Mosquito Nets

Whether you're making your kid's bedtime a bit more adventurous or you're just nostalgic for that Thai backpacker phase, bed canopies are a great way to create a tropical vibe.

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When in Doubt, Add Pineapples

Yeah, we know it's a bit cliche. But cliches work! Especially cliches as stylish pineapples. Cast your mind back to lazy days drinking mai tais and get a fruitier decor.

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