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Five Ways to Hygge your Home

The Nordic idea of hygge is to create a cozy, relaxing space that allows you to unwind from the stresses of everyday life, through finding pleasure in the little things, whether that’s reducing screen time or by using soft textures and natural fibers in your home. Hygge is an easily accessible design style, no matter your space or budget – just add touches that bring you happiness and make your home feel cozy.   For more home décor tips and items to bring more hygge to your home, read the Hop Décor blog today!

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Killer Home Decor Trends that are Rocking in 2020

Home décor does not only improve your living spaces aesthetic but also increases your home's value? But, can you actually tell the difference between contemporary from modern, or urban from industrial designs? Interior designs come in a wide array of formulas and formats. Yet, each trend carries its appeal, finish, flavor, and experience. In this regard, let's explore some of the home decor trends that have rocked in 2020. 1. Use of Decorative Mirrors Did you know you can use decorative mirrors to make a small space feel larger? One of the best methods to achieve the aforementioned goal is by the use of a round rattan mirror together with the classic design in the bathroom. The design creates beautiful backsplashes that reflect...

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An Eco-Friendly Kitchen

The population on Earth is about 7.5 billion (BILLION!) Can you imagine if everyone did just 1 small adjustment to cut down on the carbon footprint? Hop Decor is here to help you make those simple changes while adding style to your home! In honor of Earth Day (April 22nd), here are a few of our favorite kitchen items - Hopefully they will be yours too...     Non-stick-baking-mat: Always have this handy sheet ready when baking and cooking. The nonstick liner makes various foods slide off easily and pans stay clean. Eco-friendly, eliminate wasting parchment paper and reuse these time and time again!   Heat-resistant-pan-mat: This is an essential to your kitchen! This eco-friendly tool can be used during cooking to steam food or...

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